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TOTO STORIES – Introducing a series of various initiatives that embody our brand purpose.

Sustainable Products

Achieving Water Saving
and Cleanliness

As We Have Been, As We Will Be

“Providing a healthy and civilized way of life”—This was the vision of our founder, and it has been continuously passed on to each of our employees as the TOTO Group Corporate Philosophy.
This vision has lasted over a century and serves as the center of the TOTO Group’s management and the touchstone for our craftsmanship and sales activities.
We will work to ensure this vision gets passed along to future generations by delivering safe and reliable TOTO-brand products and services to customers around the world. In doing so, we will “create an enriched and more comfortable lifestyle and culture built on our plumbing products.” This is a key facet of the TOTO Group Corporate Philosophy.


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New Shared Value Creation Strategy TOTO WILL2030

The TOTO Group formulated the New Shared Value Creation Strategy TOTO WILL2030 with a focus on achieving a carbon-neutral and sustainable society by 2050, and aims to realize a sustainable society and achieve clean, comfortable, and healthy lifestyles by 2030.
With the important material issues of Cleanliness and Comfort, Environment, and Relationships, we are making efforts to integrate TOTO Global Environmental Vision into management, aiming to create an enriched and comfortable future society that has no impact on the global environment and to achieve economic growth. As a result of these efforts, we will contribute to the SDGs through WILL2030.



Sustainable Products That Balance Cleanliness, Comfort, and the Environment

Over the last 100 years, TOTO has provided products that bring cleanliness and comfort, as well as eco-friendly products. Under WILL2030, we defined products that realize both of these requirements as sustainable products. By popularizing sustainable products around the world, we will contribute to realizing an enriched and comfortable society that is environmentally friendly.

Cleanliness and comfort / Health products
*Product availabilty will depend on the regional market

Examples of Standards for Selecting Sustainable Products

Toilets(for homes)


Cleanliness and Comfort


Maintains cleanliness and comfort since dirt does not stick to the smooth ceramic surface and is easily cleaned away.


Maintains cleanliness and comfort since it uses a small amount of water due to flowing in the same manner as a whirlpool.


Maintains cleanliness and comfort by breaking down micro scopic bacteria and dirt through automatic disinfection of the toilet seat and nozzle.


・Water saving: Less than 4.8L per large flush

(For NEOREST LS, floor drainage is 3.8L and wall drainage is 4.8L)


SYNLA R-type 대표이미지
SYNLA R-type

Cleanliness and Comfort

・Raku-Raku Hokkarari flooring

Maintains cleanliness and comfort by being easy to clean and quick-drying due to special floor treatment and a regu larly engraved pattern.

・Floor wiper cleaning with EWATER+

Maintains cleanliness and comfort of the entire floor with the touch of a button.


・Energy saving: MAHOBIN heat-retaining bathtubs

Maintains warmth of water by surrounding the bathtub with heat-insulating materials and an insulating lid.

Wash basin faucets

SYNLA R-type 대표이미지
Faucets (single lever)

Cleanliness and Comfort

・Switching between hot and cold water and ease of operation

Enables comfortable operation through a single lever.

・Floor wiper cleaning with EWATER+

Maintains cleanliness and comfort of the entire floor with the touch of a button.


・Hot water saving: Eco Single

Enables the reduction of hot water use compared to previous models since the barrier between hot and cold water can be felt with a click.

We aim for sustainable products to make up 78% of our product composition.

Sustainable Products are unique to TOTO, balancing cleanliness, comfort and the environment. In fiscal 2022, sustainable products made up 73% of our product composition (Japan: 77%, Overseas: 63%). We aim to achieve 75% (Japan: 80%, Overseas: 64%) by fiscal 2023 and 78% (Japan: 85%, Overseas: 70%) by fiscal 2030.


Percentage of sustainable Products























For Our Customers and Society

TOTO Aims to Provide Comfortable and Healthy Lifestyles to All by Contributing to the Realization of a Carbon-Neutral and Sustainable Society.

TOTO’s first president, Kazuchika Okura, wrote a letter to his successor, Saburo Momoki. The words contained in that letter have been treasured by the TOTO Group ever since as the Words of Our Founder. These words express the idea that “kindness must always come first” and state that our goal should be to provide good products and satisfy the customer and, by accomplishing that, profit and compensation will follow.

Kindness and honesty are our universal values. The Words of Our Founder asserts that “Many in this world chase after the shadow of profit”. Carrying out business under the precedent of TOTO’s uniqueness, kindness, honesty, and customer-oriented nature should enable us to resolve various issues. If we continue to face social issues with honesty and carefully engage in environmental issues, profit will definitely follow. This is something that must not change.

The Company Mottos, TOTO Group Corporate Philosophy, and Charter of TOTO Group Corporate Behavior based on the spirit of the Words of Our Founder represent the inherited values, in other words the “heart,” of TOTO that are shared among employees and will be carried forward into the future. This remains unchanged. However, the way our “body” (business activities) moves will adapt in response to changes in the business environment. The TOTO Group’s strength lies in the fact that the “heart” is firmly rooted as the precondition of each employee’s actions.

We formulated the New Shared Value Creation Strategy TOTO WILL2030 (hereinafter, WILL2030) which clarifies the lifestyle, society, and environment we want to achieve from a long-term perspective in April 2021. The TOTO Group will achieve economic growth while helping resolve social and environmental issues by realizing a carbon-neutral and sustainable society in 2050 and aiming to provide comfortable and healthy lifestyles to all. For this reason, the key material issues entire group must thoroughly address to embody our Corporate Philosophy are Cleanliness and Comfort, Environment, and Relationships.

In recent years, there have already been various changes to the social environment, including divisions in the international community and global warming due to climate change. Our mission is to pass on the global environment in a sustainable manner. I believe that we must expand the area that we engage in and increase the speed of response to these changes to embody our Philosophy. We will also contribute to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the business activities based on WILL2030.

The TOTO Group’s business activities are made possible thanks to the support and cooperation of all our stakeholders. First, our starting point is that we ourselves must be sincere and thankful in our approach. Our employees will unite in their efforts to open the way for a bright future for our customers and society.

Representative Director