Ultra-smooth ceramic leaves nowhere for waste to cling.

CEFIONTECT is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl. Its microscopic surface ridges are far smaller than waste particles, leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold. Extremely durable, CEFIONTECT is designed for enduring beauty and cleanliness.

Eliminating the microscopic gaps where waste hides.

Conventional ceramic may appear perfectly smooth to the eyes, but has gaps where waste, mold and bacteria hide. At just one millionth of a millimeter, CEFIONTECT’s surface ridges are much tinier than waste particles.

What makes CEFIONTECT so durable?

Glass layers are burned onto conventional glaze, making CEFIONTECT an extremely durable material.
Which means TOTO ceramic is so smooth that the ridges are equivalent in scale to a human hair on a baseball field.

Water has a strong affinity to CEFIONTECT

Hydrophilic describes organisms and materials that attract water. CEFIONTECT is hydrophilic. Water spreads easily over the toilet bowl, so waste particles easily wash away.


360° cleaning power reaches every spot using less water.

TORNADO FLUSH not only cleans more effectively, it does so quietly using less water. Powerful streams of water merge and swirl 360 degrees, washing every spot inside the RIMLESS toilet bowl.

Powerful washing where waste accumulates most easily

TORNADO FLUSH’s dynamic waterjet discharges from near the front of the toilet bowl, travels in a narrow channel along a hairpin curve, and with sustained water pressure thoroughly cleanses the areas where waste accumulates most easily—and then washes the entire bowl clean. Exquisitely high-quality ceramic makes this innovative design possible.


The RIMLESS design not only leaves no place for waste and germs to hide. It also makes for a much easier to clean toilet.


High-efficiency Water Flushing and Water Saving System

ECOMAX is the general term for the efficient water-saving systems of TOTO toilet, which includes the super water-saving technology and CEFIONTECT technology developed by TOTO. With these technologies, TOTO can create super water-saving toilets with only 4.8L (or less) water flushing amount.


PREMIST automatically sprays water over the surface of the inner toilet bowl before every use. Due to the ceramic’s hydrophilic nature, waste washes away more easily.


The wand washes itself inside and out with EWATER+ to maintain hygienic conditions.
Before and after each use, the wand automatically sanitizes itself with antibacterial EWATER+. This thorough cleaning occurs inside the wand as well as all around the exterior. Even when the toilet is not being used, the wand periodically cleans itself to ensure constant hygienic conditions.
・ Survey: Study the effectiveness of EWATER+ by comparing the state of cleanliness of toilets that receive no cleaning versus toilets that are self-cleaned with EWATER+. No additional cleaning was allowed.
・ Survey period: One month (Feb. – Mar. 2017)
・ Subjects: Families of four.
* Results vary according to usage and environmental conditions. All data collected by TOTO.
Antibacterial self-cleaning inside the mechanism, too
Self-cleans with water
Self-cleans with water
Self-cleanses inside and out with EWATER+
Self-cleanses inside with EWATER+
Always Keeping Conditions Clean
Made of high-quality waste-resistant resin and automatically sprayed with EWATER+ after each use, the wand is extremely resistant to waste and stains. What’s more, the wand attaches to the seat, not the bowl, so waste is less likely to even reach it. Though the wand is self-cleaning, you will appreciate how easily you can reach it and wipe it spotless.


Electrolyzed water removes waste, even bacteria you can’t see.
EWATER+ is a type of antibacterial water that sanitizes the wand and toilet bowl where waste and bacteria tend to accumulate and produce stains that can become permanent. Using no chemicals or cleaning agents, EWATER+ provides peace of mind every day that microscopic bacteria has no place to hide.
・ Survey: Study the effectiveness of EWATER+ by comparing the state of cleanliness of toilets that receive no cleaning versus toilets that are self-cleaned with EWATER+. No additional cleaning was allowed.
・ Survey period: One month (Feb. – Mar. 2017)
・ Subjects: Families of four
* Results vary according to usage and environmental conditions. All data collected by TOTO.
How EWATER+ cleans

Before use

PREMIST, a fine mist of ordinary water is sprayed inside the toilet

During use

Since waste is less able to adhere to a wet surface, it is more easily washed away

After use

EWATER+ is applied to wash the wand and toilet bowl

During Standby

EWATER+ is automatically sprayed 8hours after the last use
What is EWATER+?
Produced by electrolysis of the chloride ion in tap water, EWATER+ is a highly effective sanitizer. It is completely free of chemicals and cleaning agents. Over time EWATER+ returns to its original state of ordinary water, making it completely environmentally friendly.
Tap water
Chloride ion
Water containing hypochlorous acid
Time passes
Returns to
ordinary water


The precise, pleasant, air rich stream keeps you clean. And it’s always pleasantly warm.

AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE is a technology that uses air rich water droplets to produce a more comfortable washing sensation and deliver more thorough cleansing with less water consumption. Even more, water is warmed instantly as needed, so you need never worry about running out of warm water.


Eliminating the need to touch the toilet surfaces, the lid automatically opens and closes when the toilet is approached and departed.


No need to touch buttons or handles and never worry about someone forgetting to flush — it’s automatic after each use.


Highly effective deodorizing automatically takes places inside the toilet bowl both during and immediately after use, leaving no disturbing odors.


The moment you approach the toilet, the seat begins rapidly warming to a comfortable temperature.


The individually adjustable dryer follows the warm water spray to ensure a dry, clean overall feeling.


Embraced in warmth,relaxed and ready for rest.

A brand new shower system. Water like a warm cloak. The feeling of a warm bath, in a shower. This is the power of the WARM SPA. A single pillar of warm water running quietly from the showerhead. When water hits the body, it follows the curves and envelops it without a splash. A completely new shower experience, warming your body efficiently.


Large droplets of water, rich and dense, giving a luxurious sense of comfort.
A newly developed nozzle for greater comfort.

We developed our original shower nozzles with bigger droplets than conventional showers. Large drops of water swing and flow with power, delivering a comfortable stimulating bath while saving water. Feel refreshed with the moderate-intensity COMFORT WAVE, and invigorated with the high intensity flow of ACTIVE WAVE.


Stimulating to body and mind. Awakening to the senses.
A newly developed nozzle for greater comfort.

We developed our original shower nozzles with bigger droplets than conventional showers. Large drops of water swing and flow with power, delivering a comfortable stimulating bath while saving water. Feel refreshed with the moderate-intensity COMFORT WAVE, and invigorated with the high intensity flow of ACTIVE WAVE.


Experience a bathroom where safety and beauty become one.
Unique technology keeps the surface cooler.

When you use hot water, the surface of the faucet also gets hot. TOTO’s solution is a unique innovation in design. By covering the path of the hot water with a layer of cold, HEAT PROTECT is able to prevent burns when accidentally touching the fixtures.

Industry-leading compactness brings sophisticated style.

We created the industry’s smallest diameter of 45mm while providing superior insulation performance.


Safe, reliable water temperature means a more relaxing bathtime.
Temperature swings, solved in an instant.

Let’s say a family member uses water while you are in the shower. This can often create a sudden, unwanted increase in the shower water temperature. SAFETY THERMO prevents this from happening. A coil made of Shape-Memory Alloy (SMA Coil) reacts instantly to water temperature change, keeping the temperature from rising.

Temperature control, 6 times stronger.

Our SMA coil detects water temperature instantly. Compared to a traditional wax type, it reacts to hot water 6 times faster (in-house comparison).


Small and Flexible.
The exact exterior you want.

Concealed faucets helps to live up the bathroom. TOTO’s MINI UNIT is a technology that gives you more space and freedom. We don’t match the concealed system to each trim, instead we use a shared module. You can choose the functionality you need such as a single lever type, thermostat type, or touch button type, and also make choices based on design features such as circle or square fixtures.

Easier to install. Less load on the frame.

A high degree of flexibility when installing the MINI UNIT is one of its most attractive features. We were able to achieve one of the industry’s smallest and lightest bodies for the concealed system. It puts only a minimal load on the architectural frames and has improved manageability during installation. In order to conceal the unit, the wall only needs to be 97mm, and the system is able to absorb installation errors of ±13mm.

Industry-leading miniaturization. Beauty in balance.

We shrunk the unit to one of the industry’s smallest. The trims are also some of the most compact. In addition, our progress towards uniform sizes mean units can be used simultaneously to create s beautiful space. We also strived to make the trim as thin as possible. A bathroom of unity and style can be yours.


Easy to use, for a lifetime of comfort.
Ease of use, based in sensation comfort.

For TOTO, this does not simply mean comfort of movement. Ease of use, when it lasts a long time, becomes comfort in itself. For this purpose, TOTO has developed the internal valve based on users’ touch. Designed from the ground up to provide a fundamental comfort in operation.

Precise flow control, exclusive to TOTO.

Our exclusive technology means new functionality. We took the core component of the valve, the ceramic disc, and customized its shape for ease of use. Compared to conventional faucets, it’s easier to control water flow when just a little is required, such as when you are washing a contact lens. Because you can achieve the right amount of water flow instantly, it helps conserve water. *Adjustable flow functionality is only available for lavatory faucet for deck mounted types.

Special coating for prolonged comfort.

The ceramic disc, a core valve component, is covered with a special DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating. This ensures long-lasting quality over conventional faucets that use a greased valve.


From the graceful design comes a touch of water most gentle.

The precisely balanced streams of water from SOFT FLOW faucets touch the skin gently, causing almost no spatter as you wash your hands. The feeling is soft, lustrous and enriching. Sensor-operation eliminates the need for levers or buttons to touch.

More than clean, beautiful

SOFT FLOW’s translucent streams
of water are exquisitely beautiful
to the eye.

Splash-free handwashing

Even as the water completely
envelops the palms, there is little
to no splatter of droplets.


TOTO shower heads are equipped with the Aerial Pulse feature, which offers outstanding comfort while using little water. Air is drawn in through the shower head and added to the water. The shower head pulses the enlarged water droplets as they fall for an invigorating and relaxing experience.


Efficiently aerating the water as it comes out of the showerhead enlarges the water droplets and ensures that they maintain the right amount of force. The result is a shower that has a more luxurious feel yet uses less water.


Gyrostream is a unique specialty of TOTO, which makes your shower more enjoyable. Even in a shower you can feel the magic of water and have the experience of SPA like massage.
TOTO’s GYROSTREAM technology can make water flow with more strength, rapidly rolling water spraying like flower. The flying water increases shower size and always makes you feel warm, so that you can fully enjoy the flushing. Continuous flowing water speeds up your blood circulation and relieves your muscle fatigue.


A float,calm,immersed in the meditative moment of relaxation.
The posture of an astronaut resting in space

ZERO DIMENSION bathing brings freedom from gravity, releasing stress on joints and encouraging ultimate relaxation.

The brain in a state of tranquility

Research has shown that the ZERO DIMENSION bathing posture reduces activity in the part of the brain that houses the language function. This is the reason Zero Dimension bathing feels calming and relaxing.


Nestled in comfort, feel your body and mind release into a state of tranquility.

The weight of the head releases onto the headrest, the body receives the sensation of a comforting embrace. The natural S-curve of the spine is maintained all along the neck and down the back, encouraging deep release. This position provides a deep sensation of ease and tranquility. It is a bathing experience that brings relaxation beyond expectations.


Deeply stimulating water massage gives the feeling of real hands kneading tired muscles.

HYDROHANDS is a dynamic water massage that flows randomly around targeted muscles to release tension. This powerful, constantly-moving stream gives the stimulating sensation of a masseuse’s hands at work. Free of air bubbles and noise, HYDROHANDS encourages a deep sense of relaxation.

Different from a jet bath

HYDROHANDS propels powerful water currents without air bubbles, delivering a firmer “touch” to the body. The water flow is soundless.

HYDROHANDS is especially effective in a Flotation Tub

In the Zero Dimension bathing position where body and mind are drawn toward to a meditative state, the stimulating water massage encourages even deeper relaxation.

HYDROHANDS targets low back muscles that commonly fatigue from daily activity.

HYDROHANDS will also provide a stimulating foot massage.


Exquisitely thin is the next dimension of beauty.

LINEARCERAM’s thin design harmonizes with any space.Although eye-catchingly thin, it is also extremely strong. Sophisticated and inviting to use, LINEARCERAM is a new paradigm in bathroom aesthetics.
To create a vessel of such exquisite thinness, TOTO developed an advanced form of proprietary ceramic.

Along the thinnest part of the ridge, LINEARCERAM is approximately half the depth of a conventional basin. At the same time, the material has almost twice the tensile strength.